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When the label is green, we clean. Cleaning must always precede sanitation or disinfection. Cleaning can remove a number of infectious agents, but it does not destroy them. Cleaning, with the help of cleaning products, eliminates the elements that are conducive to their proliferation, such as dirt, water, grease, dust, and organic matter that can harbor microorganisms and interfere with the action of the disinfectant.


When the label is blue, we sanitize. Sanitation reduces the amount of infectious agents to a secure level and with no danger without completely eliminating them.


When the label is red, we disinfect. Disinfection destroys or irreversibly inactivates infectious agents. Disinfection is necessary for objects and surfaces most at risk of contamination, in case of outbreaks and for certain objects and surfaces that have been in contact with biological fluids or are at risk of being so, such as the table grooming or examination, cage or animal enclosure. Disinfection is done with a chemical product. The product used must be recognized as a disinfectant, have a DIN of Health Canada, and be virucidal.

It’s important to know that a porous surface - like a rug or a couch - cannot be disinfected. It can only be sanitized, for a 90% reduction of microorganisms, which is safe for humans and animals according to Health Canada.

All LOONA cleaning products are:

Extremely effective

LOONA cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection products are designed to work in synergy. They complement each other perfectly and work together to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone!

Environmentally friendly

LOONA products are biodegradable in 28 days and are Ecologo certified. They do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are developed using only water and plant- based materials. Also, all bottles are reusable!

Safe for animals and humans

All of our products, including our Ster-San disinfectants, are safe, non-toxic, and contain no VOCs. They’re the perfect cleaners and disinfectants for pets, humans, and even pregnant women!


  • I had purchased a competitor’s product from my veterinarian to eliminate the skunk smell on my cat. The smell wouldn’t go away, and I returned to my vet. It was then that he introduced me to LOONA products. It was like a revelation, I tell you! The Loona Odor Eliminator and Loona Pet Atomizer did the job without leaving any residual odors! Everyone I meet hears me talking about your products!
    - Julie Papineau
  • I love Loona products, which in my opinion, are the best cleaning products that are safe for animals, which is important to me as I am a cat breeder. I would start by bragging about the Loona Xtreme Cleaner Sanitizer. Honestly, it's magic. No matter how much dirt, even the hard to get off kind, just a bit of the product and everything is clean in a matter of moments. In each of my rooms at home, there is Loona Xtreme Cleaner Sanitizer, and I couldn’t live without this miracle product. I also use it for several other household chores for humans.
    - Alexandre Léveillée, Chatterie Bengallys
  • Our canine center has used LOONA products since its very beginnings. We have replaced all our washing, disinfecting, and deodorizing products with LOONA products. We use Loona Floor Solution every day to wash our dog enclosures and cat condos as well as the store floor. We really like its efficiency, smell, and the fact that it only takes a small amount of product mixed with water to wash floors; which reduced our costs for cleaning products.
    - Lyne and Alain, Center Canin TEG, Acton Vale
  • Throughout our 35 years, Mountainview Veterinary Services has used many different products to clean, disinfect, and control all kinds of odours.

    Some could only mask odours, and others damaged materials on contact.

    It goes without saying that we put LOONA's lineup of products to great use in our clinic before considering marriage… 

    They were, and still are, highly effective. Their team's professionalism and support have made it possible to develop high-performance products in terms of cleaning, disinfection, and odour elimination, both in physical spaces and on animals.

    LOONA products are reliable, safe, and create that magical phrase in the mouths of customers: "Wow! It's clean, and it smells good in your clinic." Thanks, LOONA.

    - Dr. Luc Lemaître DMV, and the entire team at Mountainview Veterinary Services
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