When the love of animals leads
to the creation of disinfectants and cleaning products!

The story of LOONA disinfectants and cleaners begins in 2015. After more than 20 years as executive secretary for the government of Quebec, Linda Mc Caughan decides to leave her career behind and buy an Afghan Hound named Merlin to live off her new passion.

Merlin becomes the darling of dog competitions by winning several awards. Linda completes her training as a groomer and the two pair up at the grooming salon The Secrets of Merlin.

Noting that the majority of disinfectants and cleaners used by professional groomers contained toxic substances, Linda called on an acquaintance, Robert Wagner, to develop a line of disinfectant and cleaning products without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that would be non-toxic, plant-based and that would meet the needs of her salon customers and his contacts among dog and feline breeders.

In the meantime, Loona, a Bengal cat with only three legs (Yes, he was missing a leg at birth!), had joined the family. Loona became the ambassador of the new range of cleaning products.

Since 2017, Linda's spouse, Yvon Deslauriers, joined the adventure full time as a company partner. LOONA is now in more than 1000 points of sale in Quebec and Ontario and has developed cleaning and disinfectant protocols for specialized animal shops as well as for veterinary clinics, dog and cat boarding houses, grooming salons, dog and cat breeders, and more!

Customer service and the development of new, quality products remain top priorities for the company, as it prepares to enter the international market.

Our mission

To become an influential player in the canine and feline care industry by offering high-quality products and services to our customers.

LOONA products were created in collaboration with a laboratory for The Secrets of Merlin. These products meet a real need for safe cleaning and disinfectant products from professionals who work with animals. Our products are safe for animals and considerate of the environment.

LOONA PRODUCTS are designed for grooming salons, dog and cat boarding houses, kennels, stables,
pet shops, breeders, veterinary clinics, and pet owners.

Mr. and Mrs LOONA

Mr. LOONA, it's Yvon Deslauriers. His career spanning more than 20 years in sales alongside his experience as a factory owner for 15 years makes him the perfect ally to represent LOONA to customers. As the co-owner of the company, he is responsible for sales, training, and administration.

Madam LOONA no longer needs an introduction! It was thanks to Linda Mc Caughan that the company was born. The President of LOONA Products is responsible for marketing, new product development, and online sales. She has also developed all LOONA cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Bio Bob

Robert Wagner, also known as Bio Bob, is the biochemist behind LOONA products. A pioneer of ecological cleaners, Robert understood the importance of developing environmentally friendly products as early as the 1980s.

It was during this time that he created some of the first products using renewable, re-growable resources for commercial and industrial industries such as oil and gas, automotive, food and beverage, and other markets.

Now as the head of Nitmoi Labs Inc., which he himself founded, Bio Bob was the first to receive certification as a creator of biological cleaning products using beneficial microbes and enzymes to clean. And it is with this approach that he developed the recipe for LOONA cleaning products.


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